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A series of factsheets have been produced to provide more detailed information on certain aspects of the OPTIMUS package.

Inference rules


Inference rules are an important part of the scenario modelling that allows the development of the action plans suggested by the OPTIMUS Decision Support System. To find out more, download the adjacent factsheet.


Prediction Models


Prediction Models are key components that enable the OPTIMUS DSS make accurate forecasts of different quantities and support the making of suitable suggestions for the forthcoming days. More information is available at the relevant factsheet.




The DSS is the core element of the OPTIMUS package. It is an integrated web-platform which supports the energy managers in optimising the energy performance of buildings, by suggesting short-term action plans. See the DSS factsheet to learn more.




The SCEAF is a framework for assessing and evaluating the performance of the city / building in terms of energy efficiency and usage of “smart” technologies in energy management. To find out more, download the adjacent factsheet.


Web Based Environments


The web-based environments are the interfaces which have been designed for the interaction between the OPTIMUS DSS and its different users. See more details at the relevant factsheet.