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Is it an open-source software?


The technological solutions developed by the OPTIMUS project are:

  • OPTIMUS DSS an open source decision support system is accessible free of charge in its public repository.
  • OPTIMUS SCEAF and Tracker for assessing the performance of the city / building and the potential for energy use optimization respectively, can be used for free.


Can I get additional services?


Besides having access to the technological solutions, you can get more additional benefits from the OPTIMUS expert team with some extra cost:

  1. Consultancy and support services to adapt OPTIMUS DSS to your specific case
  2. An installation of the DSS infrastructure on your premises (additional third party license fees might apply, for example, to implement the Action Plans)

In both cases, OPTIMUS experts can perform the installation, customization and maintenance of the OPTIMUS DSS. In the client owned option, hardware (if any) and DSS software maintenance will remain a responsibility of the client.

There are different kinds of services which OPTIMUS experts can provide. A client can choose, for example, using only the monitoring dashboards of the data streams that are connected to the OPTIMUS DSS. Besides, the client can additionally have a number of action plans configured, monitored and maintained by OPTIMUS experts.

An installation of the OPTIMUS DSS requires the existence of an infrastructure (BMS or other data sources) from which to feed the data streams. In some cases, OPTIMUS experts can also take care of the transformation and connection between of a data source with the OPTIMUS DSS, provided that the data can be stored in a database or automatically exported to text formats (txt files, comma, semi-colon or tab delimited csv etc.).

Additionally, OPTIMUS provides an upgrade and maintenance option on a year to year basis.


Which data do we need?


To implement OPTIMUS DSS you will to provide some data:

  • Energy consumption
  • Indoor air temperature and humidity
  • Weather forecast
  • Any other data useful to create a prediction model


How can I get started?


First of all, we need to know your infrastructure, your data and your needs. Then, we can advise you how to implement OPTIMUS DSS in order to help you to optimize the performance of your buildings. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.