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The OPTIMUS package consists of a number of ICT tools, in order to provide an integrated solution for energy managers. Click one to find out more.

The OPTIMUS Smart City Energy Assessment Framework (SCEAF) provides energy managers with a framework for assessing and evaluating the performance of the city / building in a coherent, transparent and integrated way.



The SCEAF, is applied twice: 
  • once before the OPTIMUS DSS has been applied to highlight potential strengths, vulnerabilities and opportunities based on the existing energy strategy, environmental policy, municipal facilities and related infrastructures.
  • and once afterwards to measure the impacts of the DSS.
Numerical and linguistic input data is collected from the end-user through an extended questionnaire. This data is analysed under three main pillars (political, energy & environment and the existing ICT infrastructure) and rated according to the OPTIMUS rating chart, shown below.
Structure of the framework (axes and pillars)
Structure of the framework (axes and pillars)
The OPTIMUS Rating Chart
The OPTIMUS Rating Chart
The SCEAF was developed by NTUA in collaboration with other project partners. It was presented at the 5th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications (IISA 2014 - July 2014, Chania Crete, Greece).

To find out more about the SCEAF, a factsheet has been prepared and can be viewed here.
To make an inquiry about applying the SCEAF in your premises, feel free to contact us.