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The OPTIMUS package consists of a number of ICT tools, in order to provide an integrated solution for energy managers. Click one to find out more.

The OPTIMUS Thermal Comfort Validator (TCV) is a Web Application designed to detect the thermal comfort levels of the building's occupants (office workers, school children etc.), in order to be fed into OPTIMUS DSS generate more suitable suggestions. 

Accessible via computers or smartphones, TCV provides an online questionnaire, where building occupants are requested to answer a short series of questions, regarding their perception of temperature, wind and sunlight indoors. Their answers are analysed and aggregated, in order to derive a general trend. TCV is available in four different languages, English, Italian, Catalan and Dutch. 
The TCV application is used in parallel to the DSS. The output is fed into the DSS which in turn, based on this information together with the overall goal to reduce energy consumption, can make set-point temperature proposals.
To make an inquiry about applying the TCV in your premises, feel free to contact us.