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The OPTIMUS package consists of a number of ICT tools, in order to provide an integrated solution for energy managers. Click one to find out more.

The OPTIMUS Tracker is a web tool for the energy managers, to monitor the energy performance of the city / building and assess the potential for energy optimization after the application of selected action plans of the OPTIMUS DSS.




The OPTIMUS Tracker has 4 steps that can be applied once every year:

  • Specification of the city’s long-term targets
  • Submission of each building’s annual energy data
  • Selection of action plans to be applied
  • Evaluation of current and potential improvement


The OPTIMUS Tracker offers the opportunity to create different scenarios of the DSS application, by selecting different combination of action plans to be applied to the different buildings. These scenarios can be compared in terms of the expected impacts, through the calculation of the DSS indicators:



To make an inquiry about applying the Tracker in your premises, feel free to contact us.