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OPTIMUS was piloted, thanks to EU funding received through the FP7 programme, in three municipalities across Europe: Savona in Italy, Sant Cugat del Vallès in Spain and Zaanstad in the Netherlands.
These were chosen due to their commitment to sustainable initiatives and their interest in developing further their smart city status.
Why Sant Cugat is optimistic about OPTIMUS:
As an area attracting high-tech companies, Sant Cugat, located in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, would like to boost this profile further by encouraging development of new business models which work as part of a sustainable city-wide eco-system. On a city level, the benefits of project are considered to have contributed to a more efficient integrated multi-modal city management, as well as improving understanding of energy use and needs in the city.
Interview with Víctor Martínez del Rey, Director for urban planning and development
Why Zaanstad is optimistic about OPTIMUS:
Zaanstad has a clear agenda when it comes to energy, and is constantly looking to expand and implement new technologies to reduce energy costs and consumption. In striving to achieve this and mark its dedication to more sustainable future. Implementing the OPTIMUS tool has been part of making this into a reality. The municipality is also keen to lead by example and in telling its inhabitants to consider energy use wisely, considers it important to practice what it preaches. 
Interview with Alex Beijers, Sustainability Officer
Why Savona is optimistic about OPTIMUS:
Savona municipality has a significant energy burden owing to the numerous public venues and buildings that it manages. The municipality’s development agency IPS sees the OPTIMUS Decision Support System (DSS) as offering a solution to energy management in the operation of public buildings through providing a centralised, user-friendly system.
Interview with Pietro Pera, Engineer, I.P.S., Savona