Bitcoin exceeds R$ 80 thousand for the first time in history

Bitcoin critics are silent or hidden.

Bitcoin has just broken a record in Brazil. The world’s main cryptomeda is now traded for R$ 80,000 in the country’s main brokers. This is the highest value that digital currency has ever had.

The price in dollars in the world’s brokers is close to $14,000. Being traded for $ 13,976.84 at the time of writing this text.

In the Bitcoin Trade brokerage the digital currency is up 3.36% in the last 24 hours and is traded for $ 80,017.73.

In Rípio, the value of bitcoin in the offer books reveal that the high continues and the value has already reached R$ 80,166.

Last week Bitcoin surpassed its historical record in Brazil of R$ 70,000, boosted by the rise of the dollar. The value had last been seen in December 2017.

Following the upward trend of the Bitcoin, which is appreciating worldwide, and also due to the rise of the dollar, in the face of the devaluation of the real, Brazil is one of the countries that the Bitcoin has appreciated the most, as shown by Livecoins in April.

Bitcoin adoption is increasing

The adoption of bitcoin increased this year amidst the pandemic. African countries have witnessed a great growth in the adoption of cryptomorphs.

Bitcoin trade on P2P platforms has seen rapid growth in recent months, with Africa becoming the second strongest P2P region in the world behind the US.

The total market for cryptomorphs has gained about $15 billion in the last 24 hours, while Bitcoin was valued at a value not seen since January 2018.

Alternative cryptomorphs are following the upward trend. The Ethereum has increased by 4%, Ripple (2.1%), Binance Coin (1.6%), Chainlink (3.7%) and Litecoin (5%).

Bitcoin critics are silent or hidden.